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Welcome to my Breakout blog. This space has been a very long time coming. The truth is that I am welcoming you here today not because I was ready to launch but because I have news that’s too intriguing to save and thoughts that insist on being voiced.

Senia Maymin, editor of Positive Psychology, reports that a movie tentatively titled “Counter Clockwise” will convince movie audiences that positive attitudes and supportive beliefs can reverse physical signs of aging. Jennifer Aniston will play the role of a Harvard professor whose powerful studies prove the case. 

So, what do these results tell every member of the audience? Among other things viewers will learn that not only do their attitudes impact many physiological symptoms of aging; but, more importantly, they have the power to slow or even reverse their own aging provided they choose to believe that they can!

While this information may be enlightening to the average person, these results as far from news to Dr. Ellen Langer, the central character in this true story. In the early 1980’s when she was a young, yet tenured professor, I was fortunate to have Dr. Langer as my thesis advisor. Already at that early stage in her career, Dr. Langer had gathered volumes of evidence that longevity of the elderly could be significantly impacted by their attitudes and beliefs. Her results are cumulative and perhaps now irrefutable.

With a major feature movie about to carry that powerful message to the general public, are we approaching the tipping point when personal responsibility and control for healthy aging will be universally understood and accepted?

As a coach, I’m prepared to help people identify and reframe their destructive thoughts and limiting beliefs to tap that personal power. Is there a way that you might choose to assist others in November when “Counter Clockwise” opens the door to new possibiities?


These are the current facts on aging that entice me to step back and consider their important implications and applications . Thanks for stepping into my Breakout room to consider these new opportunities, as well.

If you were intrigued by the unrealized potential to positively influence the aging process, I’d be delighted to have you return to consider other ideas and ironies, challenges and opportunities that capture my attention on a random but somewhat regular basis.

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Cheers and Idea(r)s, Leslie

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